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    Serious dog lovers who own, or want to own a Pomeranian would rather invest their valuable Internet time on a website that truly UNDERSTANDS this amazing breed. Wouldn't you?

    We grew tired of those "One-Size-Fits-All" generic Pet web sites that only offered a few scattered paragraphs about our dog. So instead of wasting hours of your time scouring the Internet for specific info about the Pomeranian, it's all here in one place!


    What You Can Do Here!

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    Recently Added Articles!

    Pomeranian Self Warming Dog Beds

    There are many ways to keep your dog safe, happy and content. One of the ways is to adjust the place that they are sleeping in so that they are resting somewhere warm and safe. If your dog does not sleep...

    Dog Potty Training: Tips On Housebreaking Your Pomeranian

    The first few days with your dog are very crucial. Although some dogs easily adjust to their new environment, there are many dogs that are rather slow in learning new things. According to many experts,...

    A Dog House Starter Kit For Your Pomeranian

    Your pet needs a dog house especially if he/she is a large breed dog. There are many dogs which are no bigger than a cat, and those can easily live in the same house as you without any difficulties, but...

    Veterinary Surgical Instruments... Sounds Scary Doesn't it?

    Every day, people make a visit to their veterinarian in order to take their beloved pets for a check-up or a scheduled appointment to treat an illness or other problem. The veterinary medicine field is...

    A Custom Leather Dog Collar For Your Pomeranian?

    Dog collars are a necessity if you want to ensure that your dog will always be safe and sound. Most dog collars are used to reflect the personality of the dog and the style and character of the owner....

    Why Solid Gold Dog Food Is A Good Choice For Your Pomeranian

    While traveling through Germany with Great Danes, Sissy-Harrington McGill could not help but notice the longer life spans of the dogs in that country compared to those born and raised in the United States....

    Pomeranian Picture

    Pomeranian Picture

    Pomeranian Picture

    Pomeranian Picture

    Pomeranian Picture

    Pomeranian Picture

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