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    What THE BC-200 Can Do For You


    You come home, youíre tired, and you have a headache. The minute you open the door, your loved dog comes and greets you with a wagging tail. However, soon afterward begins the annoying and seemingly unceasing barking. If this happens to you, you might feel frustrated by the problem, but you can easily solve it by getting the BC200 automatic rechargeable no bark collar from Innotek.

    Training With Love

    Dogs have been with humans for centuries and for several good reasons; they are friendly, warm, useful, practical, and they are also the best companions ever. However, sometimes our lovable friends donít leave as much time for peace and quiet, due to their barking. There are times that you can't even understand why your dog is barking in the first place. If you are experiencing such a dilemma, then the BC-200 is what youíve been missing.

    Reasons to use Innotek's BC-200

    The BC-200 incorporates the features that worked better from its predecessors while adding a few new features. Innotek's automatic rechargeable no bark collar has been PetSafe approved, so you shouldn't worry about the collar being harmful to your dog. Itís still comfortable, durable, and convenient to use, due to the fact that there are no remote controls or external settings to configure. You can still have your pooch wear it in the park, at home, or anywhere else, rain or shine, due to the resistance to water the collar retains. And even so, the collar will only activate itself when your dog barks. The design is still lightweight and ergonomic, only more so, because the collar is even smaller. In addition, the BC-200 features a light, rechargeable NiMH battery, which lasts longer than ever. However, the best thing about the collar is that it really works.

    The BC 200 is one of Innotek's best products. It keeps the peace in a way thatís safe and humane. Just try it and you'll see fast results soon.

    Innotek's BC-200 is one of the company's most popular products. It is light and resistant to water and bad weather. Innotek's automatic rechargeable no bark collar is available in any pet store.

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