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    The BC-50 And Its Benefits


    Dogs are wonderful companions and most people love them, except when they go on barking sprees that might intimidate some people, or when they bark so much that your neighbors can't sleep at night. In these situations, what you need is the BC 50 no bark collar.

    Manís Best Friends

    Dogs are our best friends. They bring the newspaper to our chairs, the slippers to our beds, and the warmth to our hearts. However, too much stimulus can get them over excited. When this happens, their barking may become uncontrollable. But you can solve this situation easily with the BC-50 that can control your dog's barking.

    Why The BC-50

    This automatic no bark collar is a great innovation for your dogís barking problems. That's because it really takes care of the problem in an humane way, and has been PetSafe approved. The dog usually wears the BC-50 during some parts of the day. The collar only requires a 6V battery, and it's very light so it doesn't encumber the dog. There's no need for remote controls as the collar will activate itself automatically when your dog starts barking. You can have your pooch wear it in the park, at home, or anywhere else, rain or shine. This is possible, because the BC-50 is completely water resistant.

    The BC-50 is a great tool for dog training. The collar will eventually stop unnecessary or excessive barking. If you dedicate some quality training time to your dog and the collar, pretty soon all you'll need to do is show your dog the collar to make him stop barking.

    Why Us

    We have always tried every single product we make on our pets. The BC-50 is no exception. The collar surpassed every expectation when tried out. That's why we are confident when we recommend you try it with your pet.

    Innotek's BC-50 collar model gets the job done without causing pain or excessive stress to your dog. It's accepted by dog trainers everywhere. Tested and approved at home, we stand behind our product.

    The BC-50 actually works and stops excessive barking. We guarantee it because we have tested it on our pets first. Innotek's automatic no bark collar is one of the company's best products.

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    Pomeranian Picture

    Pomeranian Picture

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