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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » The Safe Use Of Dog Training Shock Collars On Dogs

    The Safe Use Of Dog Training Shock Collars On Dogs


    If you want to use a Dog Training Shock Collar as part of dog training, there are some important things you need to know. Chances are, you have several misconceptions Ė letís clear them up!.

    Call It What You Will

    For many people, "shock collar" may sound really scary. It is possible to imagine that the shock is very painful and dangerous to the wellbeing of your dog, but it actually is a small stimulation just enough for dog to notice. Itís more of a static electricity shock, much like we humans can get if we walk on carpet and then touching someone. Since the word "shock" sounds scary, it is common to call this type of collar as "electric" or "remote".

    Itís Not From The Collar!

    Most dog owners understand that the stimulation sent to control dog's misbehavior comes from the collar. However, the dog should believe that he gets shocked every time when he repeats the particular behavioral pattern. Let your dog have the training collar on and get used to it, especially in the times when you pet him, feed him or play with him. This way, as soon as you start using the electric signals for training, the dog will have no reason to link the little static pulse he receives with the collar he is wearing.

    Go Easy On Him

    It may seem that the stronger electric impulse sent to the dog, the stronger message he receives. Actually, the opposite is a better tact. It is recommended to begin with applying the lowest degree of shock followed by increasing the level of stimulation intensity in case the dog is not responsive. What can be a sign that your dog is responding? Any movement or activity of the dog showing that he has noticed the stimulation. An ear twitch, a tail flick, a small head turn or some other movement is the most common response. It shouldnít be barking or acting panicked. Those are the signs of using too high a degree of electric pulse on the Dog Training Shock Collar

    There are important things to remember when using a Dog Training Shock Collar. The shock isnít as bad as you might think, but donít overdo it. Learn more about your Dog Training Shock Collar and introduce it in a way that the dog wonít realize the shock came from the collar.

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