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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » Things You Should Know About The Innotek Dog Training Collar

    Things You Should Know About The Innotek Dog Training Collar


    Innotek is a company that prides itself is providing solutions for all your dog training needs. They sell many products, but perhaps their dog training collars are the most popular of them all. The Innotek Dog Training Collar has been designed to help you train your dog easily. It makes dog training simple and easy. This dog collar is a shock collar because it will stimulate the dog and deliver some degree of shock so that it can respond. The shock is harmless and it will eventually not be needed as your dog recognizes and obeys your commands.

    The Innotek dog training collar is available in the market and to make quick purchases, you can order online. It is important to read the instructions and know very well how to operate the training collar for maximum results. First, your dog has to have learned the command you'll be practicing. As an example, the signal or command for sitting should be already known by your dog. Therefore, if your dog hasn't been taught a certain command, then don't use the training collar until you teach it.

    Using the Training Collar

    The engineers at Innotek have incorporated receivers in the Innotek Dog Training Collar. The training collar also has prongs installed into it as well. These prongs will be found around the neck or throat area. Then, it's a matter of how you plan to train your dog with the collar. As the dog-owner or trainer, you will have a transmitter which will be used to stimulate the dog. When your dog ignores a command that it knows, just activate the collar with the transmitter. For example, when you call the dog and he refuses. The shock will make your dog realize it's doing something wrong or that it's not doing something you ordered. This stimulation can only be done at a range of 300 yards.


    The Innotek dog training collar is one of the most effective ways to teach obedience to your dog. This reading was meant to show you a bit of the basics of how this collar works. It also explains you a bit how the collar is manufactured.

    You can get an Innotek Dog Training Collar very easily from many sources. You can find them at pet stores, specialized stores, and on the Internet. The quality of the Innotek Dog Training Collar is the same, regardless of where you purchase it.

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    Pomeranian Picture

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