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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » Extreme Barking At Night? Use A Big Dog Nano No-Bark Collar

    Extreme Barking At Night? Use A Big Dog Nano No-Bark Collar


    A dog that barks in extreme can be really annoying to neighbors and members of a household, which will eventually turn into a problem for the owner. While it's natural to expect a dog to bark at unnanounced visitors, it can be mortifying for people who are afraid of dogs and are just visiting you. After all, it's hard to remain calm when facing a big barking dog, no matter what the ancient proverb says.

    Fortunately, there are many devices that will let you reduce or control your dog's barking, and not surprisingly, they're becoming very popular. These devices will use several methods to reduce barking; for example, some will give a mild static shock to the dog whenever it barks, others will release a spray of citronella on the dog's jaw, and yet others will make a sound that only dogs can hear.

    Several tests were conducted on various brands and models of training collars by dog trainers, and most of them agree that there's a certain model that always delivers. The PBC00-11047 Big Dog Nano No-Bark Collar. Let's see a short list of the advantages of this particular model.

    General Description

    The PBC00-11047 was designed specifically for large breeds, using the latest technology in dog training. This is also why it is referred to as the "Big Dog Nano No-Bark Collar" by some trainers. It's a resistant, yet very light collar, which makes it easy for dogs to wear.

    Features and Benefits

    The PBC00-11047 offers several useful features and benefits, some exclusive to this highly popular model. The best ones that can't be ommited in any review are the patented "Perfect Bark" system that uses vibration detectors to identify whent he dog is barking; 10 levels of intensity that the collar will use in increasing order until the right level of correction for your dog is achieved; water proof material that will let your dog wear the collar even if it rains or snows, and an indicator of the level of the battery.

    The features of the big dog nano no-bark collar are patented, and because of them, this model is very effective for reducing extreme barking. The PCB00-11047 has proven its value over and over, with a consistently good performace with every single dog. When it comes to anti bark training. Itís really something to bark about.

    The PBC00-11047 is a training collar designed for large breeds. It's light, yet resistant. The big dog nano no-bark collar has been given results over and over.

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