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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » Controlling Your Dog's Barking With The PDBC-300

    Controlling Your Dog's Barking With The PDBC-300


    If you have a dog at home, you know that he or she is just as important as anyone else in your family. In addition to giving us love, they make excellent companions and playmates. However, sometimes he or she may get overly excited or communicative. In these cases, your pet's barking can become a bit too loud. Sometimes so much so that you almost wish your furry friend wasn’t always there. If your situation is somewhat as described above, the PDBC-300 is for you.

    Something You Should Take into Account

    If you take out the cause that started the barking in the first place and that still doesn't make your dog stop barking, then you need to get it a bark control collar in order to train it. It will probably be worn only for a while, as there are many dogs that learn to stop barking at inconvenient times even without the collar on.

    But even if they have to keep wearing the deluxe bark control collar, it isn't a bother. It is a light, ergonomic collar, with a Quick-Fit design. It uses a vibration sensor and a microphone simultaneously in order to check for barking, and it has eighteen levels of correction, which adjust automatically as the need arises. Because of this system, there isn't a need for any external remote controls or settings. You just make your dog wear it and that's it.

    You can leave the collar on your dog full time if you wish, since the battery will last at least 6 months. There is an indicator that will let you know that the battery will soon need replacement. The collar and its battery have been PetSafe approved, so you know that your pet will be perfectly safe and ok when it wears the collar. The PDBC-300 also has a limited lifetime warranty.

    We Stand Behind Our Products

    Every single product that we manufacture is first tested at home on our own dogs. That's why we can guarantee results and safety.

    The PDBC-300 is one of the best tools there are in the market for controlling barking. It's light and ergonomic, and adjusts perfectly to any dog's neck. The deluxe bark control collar is PetSafe approved, and therefore, there's no need to worry aboot hurting your pet.

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    Pomeranian Picture

    Pomeranian Picture

    Pomeranian Picture

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