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    The PetSafe Bark Collar: A Humane Solution


    A barking dog is no laughing matter to his owner, since the noise can become a nuisance to neighbors. Sometimes, owners simply don't know how to deal with this problem, or have very little time to work on it. That's the bad news, the good news is that you can get a PetSafe bark collar to train your dog to bark less. The PetSafe bark collar is one of the most popular choices available for training your dog.

    First, the PetSafe bark control collar comes with six different levels that allow you to adjust the level of discipline according to your dog's temperament. It's recommended to start with the lowest level at first, specially if your dog isn't used to wearing collars. If the first level is insufficient, the collar will automatically adjust up to the next level, and the next, until your pet responds positively. However, the PetSafe bark collar will automatically turn itself off for three minutes if your dog barks at least 15 times in 30 seconds. This is so that your dog can bark at intruders and alert you of their presence.

    The PetSafe bark collar is not only practical, but comfortable as well. These collars are completely adjustable to fit any size pooch, with additional models available for very large or very small animals. The collars are completely waterproof and unhook easily with a Quickfit buckle. However, you shouldn't use one of these collars on your pet for more than eight hours a day. This is the perfect time frame for people at work who need to keep their pet quiet while they are away.

    Your dog can wear the PetSafe bark control collar both indoors and outdoors while he's being trained to bark less. The collar responds to constant barking, and it detects it through vibrations on the dog's neck and sound; therefore, it isn't activated by running or playing. You can buy these collars at a pet store, or order them online.

    A barking dog can be a nuisance to the neighborhood and a concern to his family. However, there are ways to teach your dog to be quiet in certain situations. Consider getting a PetSafe bark collar, it really works.

    The PetSafe bark collar will allow you to train your pet to reduce its barking. It comes in all sizes for all breeds. Just try it, the PetSafe bark control collar will give you results in no time.

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    Pomeranian Picture

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