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  •    Home » Articles » BarkCollars » A Review Of The No Bark 6 Collar

    A Review Of The No Bark 6 Collar


    At times, dogs' barking can become frustrating and irritating, and a bark control collar might be needed to solve the problem. Bark control collars have been effective in quieting a dog at times where barking is inconvenient. They are completely humanitarian and do not punish or inflict cruelty on your dog.

    The SBC-6 works by correcting your dog whenever it starts barking without stopping. Being equipped with 6 progressive static shock correction levels, it snugly fits onto the neck of dogs weighing more than 3,6 kilograms. For smaller dogs, we suggest you try one of our other collars.

    Just slide the collar on your dog's neck whenever you have guests, at night, or in any situation where barking would be very inconvenient. The SBC-6 detects barking with some vibration detectors that are integrated in its design, and when it detects barking, it releases a small static shock in order to call your dog's attention.

    If your dog barks again within the succeeding 30 seconds, the correction level automatically increases through 6 progressive levels after which the auto-shut-off feature turns off the unit for a 3 minute duration in case your dog continues to bark for more than 15 times within a 50-second timeframe. The collar will emit both a beep and a flash of a LED light evey time it releases a charge.

    Being light-weight and waterproof, the SBC-6 collar comes with a low battery indicator and a limited warranty. The collar comes with an orange strap and it can be used on dogs' necks of sizes from 6 to 28 inches. The purchase includes an RFA-118 battery pack that powers the collar.

    Things to Take into Account When Using the SBC-6

    The no bark 6 collar should be used for less than 8-12 hours per day. Do not attach tethers to the collar for that may lead to false corrections. Never use the collar in situations where barking is normal and healthy. Ensure that the collar fits snugly. Finally, clean it regularly and make sure that your dog never uses an SBC-6 imitation.

    The SBC-6 is a great tool to reduce barking at inconvenient times. It's light and comfortable to use. Just remember, don't use the no bark 6 collar when barking is acceptable.

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