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    Bolster Dog Beds - Are they OK for your Pomeranian?


    You can go out and buy a bolster dog bed for just about any size of dog and provide the dog a luxurious resting place where it can sleep and feel relaxed as well as comfortable. Your dog will love the bolster dog bed and be grateful to its owner for the kindness and care extended to it. Some of these dog beds are circular in shape having bolstered backs that are no doubt extremely comfortable and resistant to stains as well as are easy to clean.

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    Latest Technology

    A good bolster dog bed will have been made with the latest technology that incorporates ultra thin fibers made from polyester which gives exceptional strength and makes for superior durability. Bolster dog beds are most suitable for dogs that love to curl up and that require additional security which the padded sides provide. They are wonderful for the dog to sleep in cold weather as it will find itself well insulated and also not be unduly affected by cold drafts of air.

    Dogs require their own space in which to sleep and relax, and it needs a peaceful spot which it can call its home. Giving it a bolster dog bed would increase its comfort level as it will easily be able to curl up and rest in it. The dog will certainly appreciate being given such a bed, which it will find mimics its natural sleeping environment.

    You may want an overstuffed bolster dog bed that has an outer ring which will only help make the pet feel more secure, and it may even have circular tufting to give the bed more aesthetic value and also makes sure that the fiber is not going to clump or be damaged when washed. There are other features to look out for when you are considering buying a bolster dog bed which includes it being able to repel dog hair, dirt as well as moisture and construction that facilitates ‘breathing’ so that the fabric stays cool in the summer while providing much needed warmth in the wintertime.

    DogChewz NYC has made a bolster dog bed that most dogs would love. It is covered in white fur that makes a style statement, and the fur is ideally suited for the dog to rub itself against. With great padding and surrounds, the bed includes bolsters and fur which are washable. The thickness of the fur ensures that the pet can sleep above the floor level in comfort.


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