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  •    Home » Articles » DogBeds » Are Heated Dog Beds A Good Idea For Your Pomeranian?

    Are Heated Dog Beds A Good Idea For Your Pomeranian?


    Traditionally dogs were kept in courtyards to guard the house and would sleep in kennels or the garage. However with time, most of us think of our pets as part of the family and have even large sized dogs sleep indoors especially in the winter when temperatures get below freezing point. Whether you keep your dog indoors or outdoors here is how heated dog beds can make a great difference for your dog year round.

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    The Purpose of Heated Dog Beds

    If you keep your dog outdoors, it is easy to see the requirement of a heated dog bed but sometimes even indoors it becomes a requirement in the cold winter months. Puppies find comfort and security in a heated dog bed especially if he or she has just been separated from his family. Older dogs will love the heated dog bed especially if they are suffering from joint aches or other conditions.

    Choosing the Right Heated Dog Bed

    There are a large variety of heated dog beds to choose from and besides the size - which is the first thing to keep in mind - you will have other options too such as a cordless heated bed. Removable heaters are great because you can use the bed year round, reflective surfaces promote using the dogís warmth and consume less power and self adjustable heating maintains a certain temperature in order not to over heat your dog.

    Additional features that you may want to look for would be an AC power adaptor, which will enable you to use the dog bed in the car as well and removable covers so you can wash them with ease when and as needed. Also ensure that the power cords are steel wrapped, which could save your pet should he decide to chew on them!

    Comfort and Pampering

    Your petís sleep is as important as yours and it will contribute to his mood, health and overall performance especially if he is old and is suffering from different types of diseases that occur with age. A heated bed will provide comfort for your dog whatever its age and size especially in winter when we too hide under blankets looking for comfort and warmth.

    Your pet deserves all the pampering and love he can get as he is always there for you with a smile on his face and a wagging tail. So, whether you keep your dog outdoors or in, whether he is young or old, treat your best friend to a little piece of heaven when he or she needs it most and get a heated dog bed.


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