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  •    Home » Articles » DogContainment » Does Your Dog Need An Invisible Fence?

    Does Your Dog Need An Invisible Fence?


    Imagine that you have finally gotten the house that you had been saving up for so long. You have everything you wanted including that wonderful garden you have always dreamed of. However, the next day, when you go see your garden, you see that the best flowers have been unrooted and thrown apart. All of that work is now down the drain. You then turn around to see the family dog greet you and cover you with the same mud that his paws are covered with. Maybe it's time to get an invisible fence.

    Benefits and Drawbacks of An Invisible Fence

    Most times people buy an invisible fence when they have a very playful and active dog. Dogs tend to roam a lot and get into things they donít need to. That's when an invisible fence can be helpful. The fence is there to keep the dog within his own boundaries so that he canít get into flowers, gardens, or even to other animals they shouldnít be close to. It works by administering a small "punishment" when your dog tries to cross the set boundaries.

    The "pumishment" consist of a static shock that is very mild. You might have heard of experiments where they train animals to modify or learn certain behavior patterns by a reward and punishment system. In this case, if the dog gets within a certain distance of an invisible fence it will receive some form of shock.

    The shock is administered through a collar that the dog wears. The intensity of the shock should be adjusted by the owner so that it's not so strong that it hurts the dog or is painful for it, but not so mild that the dog can just ignore it (dogs have a much ticker skin than humans and much bigger resistance to pain). After a bit of experimentation (not on the dog, of course), you'll find the right level that will work nicely.

    An invisible fence is a good idea to keep your dog within a fixed area without altering your property. Your dog will not be able to destroy gardens or other things in your garden. In addition, an invisible fence will protect your dog from running towards guests or running cars.

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    Pomeranian Picture

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