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  •    Home » Articles » DogContainment » Understanding The Petsafe PRF-3004

    Understanding The Petsafe PRF-3004


    Petsafe's PRF-3004 is a system that consists of an in-ground radio fence of 500 feet of wire that you can use to establish containment boundaries for your dog. Training of your pet with our PRF-3004 is no longer a hassle. The PRF-3004 includes a comfortable nylon collar strap, and the area of coverage can be expanded to up to 10 acres with the additional purchase of wires and training flags.

    The ultra-light waterproof receiver unit that is associated with an adjustable collar makes it the biggest hit of our Petsafe PRF-3004. Trouble shooting tips that are easy accessible online are remarkable and aids even a novice in setting the unit within minutes. This online information can be easily accessed in case of minor problems related to installation, battery change, etc. There is also the possiblity of purchaising a PUL-275 collar, which is compatible with the PRF-3004 system and makes the whole process even easier.

    The system works with an RFA-67 battery, and it has a light indicator that will let you make tests when troubleshooting. The PRF-3004 system comes with a collar that is perfectly compatible with any other containment system produced by Petsafe.

    The success of the in ground pet containment unit totally relies on the product, the installation and the training that the pet owners offer their pets. Suitable training would assist the pet owners in offering promiscuous training to the pets using the PRF-3004 in ground pet fencing system.

    Tips on Training with the PRF-3004

    It pays to take some time to plan the perimeter you want before you actually go and install it. The flags that are installed with the perimeter allow your dog to indentify the limits which it can't go beyond. With a lead on your dog, spend the first few days walking your dog around the perimeter and train your dog to come back when ever he gets close to a flag by offering him a treat.

    Then, turn on the invisible fence; again walk close to it with your pet, but pull back every time the waring tone sounds. The main reason for this is to teach your do what the appropriate thing to do is when ever he gets close to the wire.

    Training sessions have to be constant, and your dog will gradually learn to know the limits of the fencing, and recognize the danger of going through them; of course, you also have to reward your pet when its behavior is consistent with the training. If you want further instruction on how to use Petsafe's in-ground radio fence for training your dog and keeping it safe, click on one of the links to see some training videos.

    The PRF-3004 is one of the best ways to keep your dog out of danger. It's customazible and can be expanded if you have larger needs. Click on the links to see some videos about the Petsafe PRF-3004.

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