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  •    Home » Articles » DogContainment » Innotek's SD-2000: The Most Cost Effective Solution

    Innotek's SD-2000: The Most Cost Effective Solution


    Innotek's SD-2000 is a basic in ground pet fencing system that is used by dog owners that want to set their own customized boundaries for the movement of their dogs. The SD-2000 comes with a nylon strap collar, 6v alkaline battery, water resistant collar receiver/ transmitter, 150m boundary kit, probes and a 4 in 1 training DVD. The wire has to be buried underground and the radio field adjusted from a distance of 1 to 3 meters from it. The driveways can be covered in expansion joints or by making grooves and sealing them up intact.

    Initial training should be imparted using the training flags that are supplied with the purchase of the SD-2000. The DVD that is included with the Innotek's SD-2000 is a great aid when you are training the pets to use the system, specially for new dog owners. Because of its Run-through-Prevention mechanism, the SD-2000 in ground pet fencing system presents itself as a low cost solution that is also effective, reliable, and ethical for dog containment.

    The system gives out a warning sound whenever the dog tries to approach the system, and it delivers a mild electric pulse if the dog actually tries to cross it. The static stimulation is preset beforehand, and it growns in intensity as the dog comes close to the limits of the perimeter. A noteworthy flexibility offered with Innotek's SD-2000 is the possibility of purchasing the boundary wire at wholesale prices from other sources. The checkpoint in such scenarios is the adherence to the right type of UV protected wire that has the right length, width and gauge measurements.

    Functions of the SD-2000

    As explained, the SD-2000 can be expanded to cover an area of 5 acres. The wire is UV protected and resists the passage of time. Flexible boundary set up suits versatile requirements related to pet containment. The DVD that comes with the package is very complete, but new trainers can find information on Internet too.

    The SD-2000 is a great way to keep your dog safe. It will emit a sound whenever your dog approaches it, and it will deliver a static shock when your dog tries to leave the boundaries you have set. The Innotek's SD-2000 can be expanded with the purchase of extra wire.

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