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    How to avoid making the same Mistakes other Pomeranian owners are making.... (more)


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    How To Train two Dogs

    When a prospective pet owner searches for the puppy of their dreams, it is quite common to consider bringing home to puppies rather than just the one. It is understandable why one may choose to bring...

    Pomeranian Basic Dog Training

    First of all, believing that your dog can be trained is one of the biggest hurdles a dog owner will face. Once you have accepted this challenge then the basics of dog training can begin. Your new puppy,...

    The Secrets Of Dog Training Your Pomeranian

    At some time, every person who owns a canine thinks about dog training, either for obedience training or for behavior, to make their relationship with the animal more meaningful. By teaching the animal...

    The Secret To House Training A Pomeranian

    It is hard to teach old dogs new tricks and so one need to begin house training a dog at an early age when he is most receptive to learning the correct behavior and be taught how to co-exist with his master....

    Dog Training Treats Your Pomeranian Will Die For!

    Every dog owner wants to have a dog that is obedient, and they usually want a dog that has developed good habits that need no reminder. Dog training treats are known as useful tools for training a dog...

    How To Begin Understanding Your Pomeranian

    When embarking on training your dog, you will need to consider the actual breed and type of dog that you are actually training. Not all dogs at the same, and not all dogs have similar set of instincts....

    What To Do If You See A Dog Fight

    There is quite an interesting phenomenon in that dogs of the same-sex are more inclined to fight rather than dogs of opposite sex. When dogs of opposite sex fight it is usually due to issues of territoriality...

    How To Choose A Dog Training School That's Perfect For Your Pomeranian!

    Dog training school has become a very lucrative business. This is because most people who own a dog simply do not have the time to train him how to obey. Another Option Besides A Dog Training School If...

    Pomeranian Dog Training Methods That Work!

    Dog training methods differ from one trainer to another, but they are all intended to produce results. Expert professionals for example, use dog training methods so these wonderful animals will not make...

    How To Manage And train two Dogs?

    So you have decided after considering all the pros and cons of owning two dogs, to bring home a second dog in your home. Once you have chosen your second puppy you will then need to carefully introduce...

    Should You train Your Pomeranian?

    Owning a dog is one of life's pleasures that only a true dog lover will understand. But it is through the process of training your dog that begins the special bond that unites both you and your pet. ...

    How To Interpret What Your Pomeranian Is trying To Tell You!

    Have you ever wondered what your Pomeranian is trying to tell you? Well, here is what to interpret when you see your Dog with: His ears back and growling too! Why is your Pomeranian sending...

    Top five mistakes Pomeranian owners make!

    Mistake number one: Choosing a dog because it is cute This is a very common mistake that a lot of dog owners seem to make. They see a dog at the local puppy store, fall in love with how cute it looks...

    Which Dog Training Lead For Your Pomeranian

    When a new dog is brought home for the first time, the pet is usually greeted with all the comforts that will make up their new home. In addition to new food dishes and shiny toys, theres usually a bed...


    Got Dog Problems? The GOOD news for YOU is that it's easier than you may think to regain control of your Pomeranian. Discover all the latest PROVEN methods and techniques YOU can use to train your Pomeranian. Find out about Pomeranian Obedience Training NOW!

    Discover how to have a happy, healthy and well behaved Pom... (more)   Training a Pomeranian is easy when you use these methods........

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