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  •    Home » Articles » DogTraining » Is Attack Dog Training A Good Thing Or Not?

    Is Attack Dog Training A Good Thing Or Not?


    Attack dog training is used to make dogs useful for protection rather than to hurt people. Attack dog training is used to train dogs to attack on command. This training is used so people can command the dog to attack if there is some kind of danger present. Attack dog training is not used so a dog will go around and attack people at random without a good reason. Some attack dogs may seem like vicious animals, but most attack dogs are not vicious. However, on a command from the trainer or owner, the dog will attack to protect that person.

    News Flash  Nov, 05 2009

    Hot Air » Blog Archive » Civil War: Blue Dog Warns Liberals That ...

    Civil war: Blue Dog warns liberals that GOP wins tonight will mean a lot. Read More


    News Flash  Nov, 05 2009

    Prince Of Petworth » Blog Archive » The Dog Walker Is Ripping Us ...

    He's ripping off the dog owners who think their dog is getting an individual dog walk service. At 14 dogs at a time, this isn't attention or exercise for your dog, just a factory-walk where the dog is... Read More


    News Flash  Nov, 05 2009

    PAW PRINTS: Deciding If Pet Insurance Is Right For You And Your Pet - Terre Haute Tribune Star

    PAW PRINTS: Deciding if pet insurance is right for you and your petTerre Haute Tribune StarTypically, cat health insurance is cheaper than dog health insurance. Reasons include: cats usually live indoors... Read More


    News Flash  Nov, 05 2009

    VALLEY CENTER: Escondido Man Admits Beating Lucy The Dog (North County Times)

    Almost eight months after nearly beating an already injured dog to death on a Valley Center road, an Escondido man pleaded guilty Tuesday to wielding a hammer-like object to try and euthanize the canine... Read More


    Professional and knowledgeable trainers have worked out methods for attack dog training. The goal of this training is for personal protection. Dogs that are trained properly can protect property and people. Attack dog training is not so easy, and it should be provided by the professionals who have great experience working with animals. Some of the centers that specialize in attack dog training work to train dogs on and off a leash. These centers do not often treat the dogs harshly in order to train them. Some breeds of dogs are better in attack dog training.

    Attack Dog Training Takes Time, Patience And Skill

    Dobermans, German shepherds and rottweilers are some of the breeds that make the best attack dogs. Other dogs can also be trained to be attack dogs. The temperament of the dog is more important than the breed of dog. Attack dog training usually starts when the puppy is about one year of age. The specialized training often comes after obedience training, but both types of training can be carried out at the same time. Attack dog training usually takes at least two weeks.

    Attack dog training does not change the personality of the dog. If the dog was good around children before the training, it will be good around children after the training. Once the dog has been trained, it should not be left with other people unless one family member is there as well. The training will not change a sweet dog into a nasty dog. Although the people who train dogs are experts, they do not charge exorbitant sums for these services. People who are looking for security should consider training their dogs to provide this security. The dogs trained to be attack dogs will not only help to provide the security for a family, but they will be loving pets as well.


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