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    How to avoid making the same Mistakes other Pomeranian owners are making.... (more)

    How To Begin Understanding Your Pomeranian


    When embarking on training your dog, you will need to consider the actual breed and type of dog that you are actually training. Not all dogs at the same, and not all dogs have similar set of instincts. Some dogs have a compelling instinct to protect, other dogs have a strong desire to work whereas other dogs the stronger preference to digging.

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    Fergie To Adopt Dog (Bangshowbiz Via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News)

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    To many of these types of dogs, we actually chose them because of their natural instinct. If we wanted a guard dog then it would be ideal to choose a German Shepherd or Rottweiler for example. If we wanted a highly active dog then a dog such as the border collie or golden retriever would meet our needs.

    However some breeds such as the terrier breed of dog, has a strong inclination to digging, and the residents of this was that way back when these sorts of dogs were actually used for the digging out vermin. When you bring home a dog you need to consider that your dog may be compelled toward a specific instinct or trait. Presuming you chose the right type of dog for your lifestyle, you can effectively utilize their instincts to work with you while you conduct obedience training for your dog.

    As an example of this, is if you owned a working breed of dog such as a golden retriever, then you can utilize their desire to work to help with obedience training. If you are at out at the local park, and had a tennis ball which your dog absolutely loved to retrieve, then you could train your dog to perform a command before he would throw the ball.

    So the activity that your dog instinctively desired, would be used as the positive reward for performing a command successfully. Although this would consistently reinforce particular training commands, it will also have the added advantage of reinforcing your position as the Alpha dog. So in order through your dog to get what he wants, he needs to do exactly what you want first.


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