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  •    Home » Articles » DogTrainingCollars » A Brief Overview Of The Kinds Of Electric Dog Training Collars

    A Brief Overview Of The Kinds Of Electric Dog Training Collars


    Electronic dog training collars are the innovative means of saying goodbye to the hussles involved in training your pets. Pet owners have found out that these collars saves them both time and money and can even allow them to train their own pets at home, instead of taking them to a training class or hiring a dog trainer.


    Depending on the type of correction that they offer, electric dog training collars can be separated in three different categories. The three types are electronic, sonic, and spray.

    Electric Collars

    These collars operate by offering a harmless, mild static electric shock when the collar senses the vibrations of the vocal chord of the pet. Some of these collars work with the operation of a control remote that the owner uses to activate the collar.

    The main advantage of this type of training collar is that it's very effective in training the pet and making it understand that barking is not allowed in some situations. The collar is also very easy to use. The disadvantage that is attributed by some to this collar is the effects of static used on the dog.

    Sound Collars

    The second type of electronic dog training collar is the sonic collar. This kind of collar functions by offering a sound that distracts the pet when he gets involved in unwanted behavior. These collars are very innovative and they are prefered by those who think that the static delivering ones are cruel.

    Spray Based Collars

    This type of collar offers yet another approach. You'll find that these collars contain a canister which spouts out the citronella spray upon sensing the unwanted behavior of the dog. This collar is by far the most accepted one by people who think the other two are somewhat cruel, yet it requires some extra work, such as constantly refilling the canisters and taking them off at night and at times when the dog is playing and should be allowed to bark at ease.

    There are three types of electronic dog training collars. Shock delivering collars, sonic collars, and spray collars. All of these electric dog training collars deliver good results, so it's a matter of preference.

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