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  •    Home » Articles » VeterinaryCare » Veterinary Dental Instruments That Can Be Used On Your Pomeranian

    Veterinary Dental Instruments That Can Be Used On Your Pomeranian


    Dental hygiene is not only required for your teeth but for that of your pet as well in order to ensure proper oral health. Poor mouth hygiene can lead to a variety of diseases that can even be fatal for your pet in the long run. Here are some common veterinary dental instruments used by veterinarians on your pet.

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    The Types of Veterinary Dental Instruments Used

    You will be surprised to know that the same type of dental care instruments used on humans are also used for animals only in slightly different sizes depending on the size and type of animal. Toothache is probably one of the most horrible pains of all and it can occur for many different reasons such as cavities (the most common cause), growth of a new tooth under an existing one and pain or headache resulting in toothache on the affected side.

    When visiting the vet with a tooth problem you must ensure that all the veterinary dental instruments are for your type of pet and that they have been thoroughly sterilized. There are no dentist vets, as usually a vet studies dentistry as well and is qualified to use the veterinary dental instruments and treat your pet friend.

    Keeping Your Petís Teeth Clean

    The only veterinary dental instrument you can use at home in order to ensure your petís teeth are clean at all times is a toothbrush -preferably choose a soft one so you donít hurt the gums. With the toothbrush in hand, try and brush your petís teeth at least once a day in order to ensure proper dental care and health.

    Other Ways to Clean Your Petís Teeth

    A good way to ensure your petís teeth are brushed especially if he or she is a cat or dog is to mix some dry food that you find in the market with the regular type and that should help you quite a bit. Nothing will however replace the brushing of the teeth which must be done at least once in two days if you are following the dry food trick in order to clean teeth.

    If you cannot clean your petís teeth, as they are not exactly happy to let you brush them, you can always ask for your vetís help. Alternatively, you can also ask trained processionals in pet grooming stores who might have all the necessary veterinary dental instruments to handle and clean your petís teeth thoroughly.


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