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  •    Home » Articles » VeterinaryCare » Looking For A Job In Veterinary Pathology?

    Looking For A Job In Veterinary Pathology?


    The pet industry is a multi-million dollar business in which countless numbers of people spend a great amount of money caring for their precious animals, many of which are more like actual members of the family than they are like animals. Taking care of a pet can become very expensive when factoring expenses such as feeding, grooming, and veterinary visits. In the field of veterinary medicine, there are very specialized areas of expertise as well, such as veterinary pathology. This particular area of study is rather complex, as many of the pathologists are studying and researching various diseases and conditions that affect the animal species. A career in veterinary pathology can be diverse and interesting, leading to a large amount of avenues to take.

    News Flash  May, 07 2009

    Cold Weather Care For The Working Gun Dog - Gun Dog Magazine

    Cold Weather Care For The Working Gun DogGun Dog Magazine - Bob WestSo with the dog's health and well being in mind, let's do what we can to insure enjoyable and productive days afield.... Read More


    News Flash  May, 07 2009

    Health Deptartment Need Your Assistance - WMFD.com

    Health Deptartment Need Your AssistanceWMFD.com, OHThe Mansfield-Ontario-Richland County Health Department is asking for the public's assistance in locating a dog which was involved in the bite-attack... Read More


    News Flash  May, 07 2009

    New Facility In Pacifica Pampers Dogs - Golden Gate [X]Press

    New facility in Pacifica pampers dogsGolden Gate [X]Press, CA - Britnay Lueras"It's a holistic approach to their [dog's] health that compliments the veterinary care they're... Read More


    News Flash  May, 07 2009

    Dog Defending Owner Survives Mountain Lion Mauling (CBS 2 Los Angeles)

    A mountain lion attacked and nearly killed a dog that defended its owners Tuesday on a trail in the Santa Ana Mountains. The dog was severely mauled in the stomach area and rushed to a veterinary hospital... Read More


    News Flash  May, 07 2009

    Dog Quarantined For Six Months After Contact With Rabid Skunk - Rome Sentinel

    Dog quarantined for six months after contact with rabid skunkRome Sentinel, NYWESTMORELAND â A dog in the town will be quarantined for six months after having contact with a skunk with rabies,... Read More


    Exploring The World Of Veterinary Pathology

    Pathology itself is career which is based on a great deal of research of the human body and cell activity within the body. Pathologists often look for cancerous cells and determine other issues and problems that a person may be having, depending on their blood work and various tests. Yet, a veterinary pathologist focuses on animals in order to do their jobs and is helpful to those pets that have serious diseases or injuries. They study fields such as basic immunology, bacteriology, and virology. A career in veterinary pathology offers lucrative benefits, as it is a highly specialized career requiring much study, detail and research expertise. A more detail-oriented and precise type of personality would fit in this type of field very well, whereas other less detailed types would not.

    Many colleges throughout the United States and the world offer degrees in veterinary pathology, such as in Edinburgh, England and Stanford University. There are continually ongoing studies at these colleges which explore new ideas and initiatives almost daily. Funding for this research is often raised by various donations and grants in order for the latest bacterial find or viral breakthrough to be found. Pet owners can have even more of an opportunity to save the life of their pet by taking them for regular visits to their veterinarian. The test results are then sent to a veterinary pathologist in order to conclude what the actual problem or issue may be. With this degree of pet care available, animals in the care of humans are living longer and more quality lives as faithful companions and beloved members of our families.


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