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  • How To Manage And Train Two Dogs

  • The Pomeranian Mix

    Pomeranians are gorgeous little dogs. Their thick double coats, curly tails, and diminutive size make them a popular toy breed. Their good nature and adorable appearance also make them ideal to cross breed with other breeds. There are now an increasing number of Pomeranian mix dogs.


    Most of these dogs are a mix of Pomeranian and other toy breeds. The result is a cute dog with a lively disposition. Selecting the right type of mix will depend on what you would like your puppy to look like and what temperament you would like the puppy to have.


    Selecting A Mixed Dog


    When you look for a pure bred dog you have the assurances of papers and certificates to prove the dog’s lineage. The same assurances are not available to someone looking for a Pomeranian mix. Although a dog may be bred from two pure breeds it cannot be registered with any clubs or receive papers.


    This makes selecting a Pomeranian mix a little harder when you are looking for a good breeder. First you want to make sure that the person you are buying your Pomeranian mix from is a reliable breeder. This means openness about the dog’s origins and plenty of information for you on puppy care and what to expect from your hybrid dog. 


    When looking for that perfect Pomeranian mix puppy make sure that your puppy is healthy. Research the two breeds that have gone into making your little fluff ball. You want to be aware of any health problems and genetic defects that could affect your Pomeranian mix. Check that your puppy doesn’t exhibit any health defects commonly associated with the Pomeranian breed and the other breed that your puppy is a mix of.


    You should also make sure that your puppy has received all necessary vaccinations. If it is possible you should have a look at the parents of the puppy. Check that the parents are in good health and have no genetic defects. If they do your puppy could develop problems later on in life. If you have children at home then it is a good idea to check that your Pomeranian mix has been socialized with children.




    Pomeranians need regular brushing, and so will a Pomeranian mix. Most Pomeranian mix dogs are a hybrid of two long haired breeds. Make sure that you have all the grooming essentials to keep your dogs coat healthy and neat. A Pomeranian coat can become matted easily without regular maintenance.


    Dog Shows


    While your Pomeranian hybrid might be adorable, and exhibit all the qualities of a good natured pet you cannot enter it into dog shows. At the moment dog shows do not have a category for hybrid dogs. Even if both your puppy’s parents were pure bred you cannot enter a Pomeranian mix. If you really want to do this then you should consider buying a pure bred Pomeranian.


    Size And Appearance


    The Pomeranian is a small dog and most of the other breeds it is mixed with are also small dogs. Usually a Pomeranian mix will be about the size of a Pomeranian, but usually it can be smaller. Some of the breeds a Pomeranian is mixed with include poodles, Yorkshire terriers, Pekingese, Maltese, and many more. One of the more common mix is the Pomeranian Chihuahua.




    The Pomeranian is a popular dog because of its loyal and affectionate temperament. This is a great family dog. The overall temperament of your Pomeranian mix will depend largely on the second breed that makes up your hybrid. It is also a very intelligent dog that can be easily trained. This affectionate breed needs to be trained not to get underfoot as it can get stepped on by accident.


    House breaking is also easier than it is for other dogs. Do a little research to see what the temperaments of the breeds are like. You should also see how a particular Pomeranian mix behaves, for example around children or other animals.


    Due to its thick coat the Pomeranian mix may not be suitable to hot or humid climates. Its small size however is great for people who live in apartments or do not have a lot of yard space. Your Pomeranian mix will get plenty of exercise with short walks and does not need to walk for miles to stay healthy.


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