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  • Finding A Quality Pomeranian Breeder

    Finding a quality Pomeranian breeder can take a bit more effort than you think, but it shouldn't be too much of a challenge if you know what to look for.  Basically what you will be doing is interviewing a prospective breeder, as well as letting them interview you. 

    The first rule of thumb is that you should feel comfortable and at ease with your Pomeranian breeder.  You shouldn't feel as if they are interrogating you, but you should feel comfortable that they are asking the right amount of questions.  Their point in this is to find someone who will take care of the animal, and is well suited to that particular breed.  Most Pomeranian breeders encourage the prospective buyers get to know them first before purchasing any animal by asking many questions also, so that you feel comfortable in knowing you are getting a good puppy. 

    Any reputable Pomeranian breeder will guarantee your puppy with some sort of health and temperament agreement.  This basically states that they guarantee stable temperament and good health in case something does go wrong in the future.  At that point in time that you find and verify that something is wrong with the puppy they have a chance to offer you another puppy free of charge.  It helps the Pomeranian breeder out as well by helping them to document the experience, to know if they have to reassess their breeding program.  If they will not guarantee any puppy, then your best bet is to move on to another Pomeranian breeder that will.

    What Questions To Ask The Pomeranian Breeder

    There are some basic, but essential questions in which you need to ask to make sure you are going to find a quality Pomeranian breeder.  One question that may be of particular interest to you if you are looking to breed yourself is whether they require you to spay or neuter your animal.  They will most likely say yes and give you registration papers that say as much.  This is fine for the normal family, as most reputable Pomeranian breeders should require this. 

    The next question should be about the heath if they haven't already told you.  You should find out what the worming schedule is, if they have their shots, or when they are getting them, as well as the health of the parent dogs.  Your puppy should receive distemper, hepatitis, Corona, Parvo, lept o, bordetella, as well as influenza before you take them home.  Mental stability will fall under these questions also, as they are key to your dog's temperament. 

    Asking when they wean their puppies is key also.  If a breeder weans them himself too early, it can cause disaster for the dogs personality later in life.  They should be weaned by nature, and let the mother decide when which is usually between 6 and 8 weeks.  As far as taking them home it should be between 10 and 14 weeks, and if a Pomeranian breeder tells you that they can leave earlier you should find another breeder, because that is someone you just don't want to buy a puppy from. 

    All of these questions help you to find a quality breeder, but there are still a few other tidbits that you should know how to choose the right Pomeranian breeder for you. 

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