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  • General Pomeranian Care: Hygienic Surroundings And Regular Veterinary Checkups Are A Must

    It is very necessary to ensure that the Pomeranian has a hygienic place to live in and this is very important for its care. An unhygienic environment is not conducive to having a healthy animal and will often lead to health problems such as parasite infestation and the fur of the dog acts as a transmitter of diseases, so one need to watch out, especially in the case of puppies. Parasites that suck blood from the puppy can easily inoculate a disease from another animal and will lead to the spreading of diseases.

    Comb The Coat Every Three Weeks

    Your Pomeranian puppy needs to have its coat combed every three weeks and it should be done lightly and remember not to over groom it as that would ruin its undercoat. The owner is responsible for its care, food and water as well as taking it to the veterinary's and also giving it enough exercise. One should collar the Pomeranian puppy and attach an ID tag to it that contains the pet's name and the owner's name, address as well as telephone number and the tag would help locate the owner in case it were to get lost.

    One should also have a valid-license as well as give the Pomeranian puppy rabies shots, though that does not give one the license to let the pet roam free. One should also ensure that it gets proper shelter and may require an escape-proof fence to hold the pet in the confines of the yard. In case the Pomeranian puppy is not to be further bred by the owner it should be neutered as it will help the puppy live longer as well as stay healthier and have less problems with its behavior.

    The diet should be nutritious as well as balanced and the puppy should always have fresh water available which is good for it and one should also remember to train the Pomeranian puppy to ensure better bonding with the owner, The Pomeranian puppy may not need too much exercise but it is still a good idea to walk it once or twice a day to help it stay physically fit. The Pomeranian puppy is likely to have some health problems common to the breed such as slipped stifle, dislocated patella as well as heart and skin problems. They also tend to lose their teeth at an early age and so, should be fed dry food that does not contain preservatives or coloring.

    The coat of your Pomeranian puppy is a long double coated one that needs frequent brushing and should be worked from the head while parting the coat and brushing in a forward direction so that it looks nice. Its cottony undercoat may shed a couple of times in the year and care should be taken that its eyes and ears are regularly cleaned. One should take care not to feed the Pomeranian puppy all meat diets as it will lead to an imbalanced diet and it may be better to feed it cooked grains that are almost completely digestible for it. One may also safely omit to give it dairy products as it may turn out to be lactose intolerant. Giving it commercial foods is also recommended. The vet one chooses for the Pomeranian puppy should know of any health concerns facing the Pomeranian puppy.

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    Pomeranian Picture

    Pomeranian Picture

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