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  • Pomeranian Puppy Care: A Few Do's And Don'ts

    You may be pleasantly surprised to know that a Pomeranian can, with proper care, live up to eighteen years of age. So when you bring home a Pomeranian puppy you are bringing home a lifetime of joy as well as beauty and intelligence. Of course, it will require proper care being taken of it and this will certainly include giving it clean as well as fresh water as well as plenty of food supplies throughout the day. The Pomeranian puppy needs high quality food and good Pomeranian puppy care should ensure that such food is provided and that it does not contain artificial preservatives and colorings.

    Never Feed It Table Scraps

    One thing that the Pomeranian puppy owner should absolutely abstain from is to give the puppy table scraps that can cause it to develop tooth problems as well as health problems that are not good for it. One should not give them spicy foods though the odd liver, cheese or healthy dog biscuits are alright for the odd treat, once in a while. When you first bring home your Pomeranian puppy it may cry or whine at night since it has been separated from its mother and if the cries are sharp and are indicative of pain or illness one should not pick up the puppy, rather place it in a crate and reassure it.

    The puppy should be given plenty of attention as well as love since they are a breed that adore their masters and require petting as well as plenty of reassurance daily. It should be groomed well and this is not difficult since it can be brushed once in a couple of days with the help of a pin brush or rolling comb for its long hair and one may use a slicker brush for brushing behind its ears. Brushing should be section-wise and against the grain to prevent the coat from laying flat. Its nails should be clipped once in a month and it should be thoroughly brushed before bathing.

    Good Pomeranian puppy care should also ensure that it has had its vaccinations up to date so that common illnesses are prevented, which are often hard to cure. It should have had its de-worming done regularly as well as have gotten its first combo shot without lepto. After two weeks it may need its second shot and its stool should be checked for worms and a final combo will be given after it has attained the age of sixteen weeks.

    The Pomeranian puppy is very savvy and easy to housebreak provided you are strict and persistent in teaching it its ropes and it should not be allowed free rope unless it is closely watched and otherwise it is a good idea to place him in a crate, which over time, it will come to enjoy being in. It should be taken out in the mornings following its first meal and also after it has taken a nap and one should praise it when it eliminates outside. In case it eliminates within the house, one should use an enzyme cleaner so that traces and smell are removed which should prevent it from repeating the offense.

    It is also recommended to have it play with other Pomeranians if possible, and a companion dog, when the puppy is young, would be a welcome addition. The most important thing is to welcome the Pomeranian puppy with open arms and since it loves to please its master it should be given plenty of scope to do so. For show puppies, one should begin training them early. If given plenty of attention it would develop a good self esteem and enjoy a good life with you. You should also be well prepared for its arrival and be properly preparing for your Pomeranian puppy well before it actually is brought home.

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