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  • Preparing For Your Pomeranian Puppy: A Nice Quiet And Peaceful Homecoming Would Be Ideal

    One of the first things that you should ensure before bringing home your Pomeranian puppy is to have quiet and calm in the house and also not have visitors during its first few days at home. This will ensure that it gets over the trauma of being separated from its mother and littermates with least amount of trouble and also will give it time to get accustomed to its new surroundings as well as help form a daily routine for it to follow. It will also take a little time to get accustomed to its behavior and help in forming a close association between pet and owner.

    Enough Essential Items Should Be On Hand

    There should also be enough of essential Pomeranian puppy items on hand before it comes home and these should make the puppy feel at home and one may also need to puppy-proof the home before it does itself harm or creates a mess in the home. There should be on hand some essential puppy supplies such as a leash and collar as well as its ID tag and some puppy food and water bowls as well as a crate and blankets and maybe even some toys for it to play with and of course, it would relish some treats as well.

    The Pomeranian puppy is diminutive in size and so would not require a large space to call its own and a corner in the home may suffice. It should also be given plenty of nutritious food and good brand dog foods may be given to it. Having fed it, one would obviously want to housebreak it and for this one should be prepared to devote time to training it and it would mean going out with it in the mornings after its breakfast as well as after it has taken a nap and also at night before it turns in for the day.

    Be prepared for its arrival and get acquainted with a vet who should be deputized to handle its vaccinations and other health concerns. In addition, one would also need items that would be used for grooming as well as caring for your new arrival and this would mean buying brushes, dog shampoos, and mats as well as nail clippers as also a crate or dog bed. You may also want to purchase some items of apparel for it and the Pomeranian puppies are often clothed to enhance their appearances further.

    One must also be prepared for training it and for this one should read up on literature pertaining to training Pomeranians or get in touch with an obedience school to take it in for training. It is essential that the Pomeranian puppy be taught to keep its crate clean as well as learn and respond to simple commands such as sit, stay, no and come and go. If you cannot do it yourself you may need help from outside agencies or schools in this regard. In addition, the new puppy would need to be socialized and it should be taught to be friendly towards others and children and the elderly, in particular.

    You may also want it to learn tricks and given its aptitude for picking up things fast, this may be a desirable course of action. It should get plenty of attention and not be left on its own for long and be kept busy so that it gets accustomed to its new surroundings and the people around it and also forgets its mother and littermates. It may need little exercise as running about the house should be enough, though one may take it out for walks. One should also be well informed about creating a living space for your Pomeranian puppy.

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