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    Often the most serious and also the most stressful aspect of Pomeranian training is Pomeranian potty training. Remember that there will be nothing as stressful as coming home from a long day at work and seeing that your dog, who you thought had been very well trained, has gone to the bathroom in the house, and your Pomeranian housebreaking might not be complete.

    Tips To Keep In Mind

    When it comes to Pomeranian potty training, there are going to always be many things you should try to keep in mind. Try not to get too stressed over the different situations that might occur when it comes to training, and remember that your dog is always going to make mistakes. They are things that you should always keep in the back of your mind that make it much easier for you to allow your Pomeranian to have the least amount of failure. A big part of this is making sure you have success for Pomeranian potty training.

    During this time, try to keep your Pomeranian somewhere that messes will be easy to clean up. Try to find a place for him to stay somewhere that is easy to clean, like a kitchen or in the hallway. There should be somewhere for him to go to the bathroom, like newspapers or puppy pads, so that he can learn to go somewhere other than just wherever he feels like going. By learning to go in a certain place, the dog will become in better control over himself. Remember that messes are going to happen, so if you can confine him to a space that is easy to clean while he is potty training, you are going to be much happier, and you will also be better able to cope with potty training your Pomeranian.

    Donít Get Mad

    Anger isnít going to solve anything. Your new Pomeranian will make mistakes, and even if he has gone on the floor, it has happened already and there is not going to be anything that you can do about it. If you can catch the dog in the act and if you are able to say NO at that exact moment that he makes the mistake, you can take him outside and begin to train him. If you wait until after he has gone to punish him, he wonít realize why he is being punished. When you come home and see that your dog has gone on the floor, if you yell at him, he will think you are yelling because he has come to see you when you arrive home. Then, he will be afraid of you. You canít punish a dog for something they did in the past, because they donítí remember things that far back.

    Take your dog out often to make sure that he has the best success when it comes to Pomeranian potty training. By taking him outside often, you can make sure that he has every chance to go, and he will be more successful.

    This is especially important to remember if you have adopted your Pomeranian from Pomeranian rescue/adoption. Many times these dogs will have many aspects of poor training, and they might not be very house trained when they come to live with you. They might have many more needs when it comes to potty training.

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