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  • Pomeranians For Sale

     If you have decided to purchase a Pomeranian to add to your family, you might think that as soon as you find Pomeranians for sale you should purchase them. However, it is important that you know everything there is to know about the breed before you purchase. You might think that these Pomeranians for sale are a bargain or a steal, but until you know everything you can know about Pomeranians, you are not ready to own one. Here is some information that might help you to understand Pomeranians a little better.


    General Information


    A Pomeranian dog is a small, very fluffy dog. This fluff is abundant around the chest and neck area of the dog. The color of the coat of fur varies by genotype, of course, but can be red, white, cream, orange, brown, or black. These dogs have pointed ears and wedge shaped heads. Depending on the specific genotype and family line of the Pomeranians for sale, the Pomeranians you are looking at might have pointed faces like foxes or a baby doll face. All Pomeranians will have almond shaped dark eyes. This breed of dog also has a perpetually intelligent looking expression on their faces. Some have noses the color of their coat of fur while others simply have dark noses. A proper Pomeranian jaw bite will be in the scissor bite form. In addition, an interesting and unique aspect of Pomeranians is that they have a very distinct feathered tail that seems to fan over the dog’s back.


    Important Health Information


    As with many pure bred dogs, you will have to think about the health issues of the Pomeranian puppies for sale. Certain family lines are especially prone to dislocated patella, eye infections, slipped stifles, heart problems, and skin problems. In addition, all Pomeranians for sale will be prone to relatively early tooth loss. One way to combat this early tooth loss is to take great care of the dog’s teeth. Talk to a vet to find out how to do this correctly. Older Pomeranians can become molted and experience bald spots of skin. Also, if you have a female Pomeranian it is very important to get her fixed as soon as possible. Many Pomeranians are bred too small these days to sustain pregnancy and childbirth and will need to have cesarean sections to remove the puppies. If your female pup does become pregnant, it is important to seek medical attention for her immediately.


    Care And Maintenance


    When you see some Pomeranians for sale, one of the first things you should be thinking about is how you are going to care for them and keep them well maintained. For example, if you have a small apartment, there are certain dogs that just cannot live in that situation. However, Pomeranians are not this type of dog. These Pomeranians for sale will do fine in an apartment. These dogs can be very active in doors and can thrive even without having a yard. However, there are some things that you need to think about when keeping your Pomeranian in an apartment. You will need to think about your neighbors especially. If your dog will not stay quiet, you are going to get complaints. However, it is easy to keep your Pomeranian happy as long as you keep up its care and maintenance. It is especially important to keep him or her quiet during hot temperatures to keep it from overheating.


    Another way to keep your Pomeranian quiet is to make sure to take it on a daily walk. This is not just taking the Pomeranians for sale out to use the bathroom. You will need to take a decent length walk with your Pomeranian every day. Playing with the dog will take care of many of its needs exercise-wise, but nothing will fulfill its basic need to walk. Remember, Pomeranians who do not get a daily walk are much more likely to have behavior problems like excessive barking and snapping at people.


    Brushing and maintaining the coat is also important when thinking about these Pomeranians for sale. Dry shampooing is recommended for this breed of dog. While you do not need to do that daily, you will have to clean the eyes and ears every day. You should also clean the teeth frequently and take the Pomeranian to a dental checkup regularly. Brushing the coat is recommended to be done daily as the Pomeranian sheds constantly.


    Knowing this information can help you to make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase those Pomeranians for sale!


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    Pomeranian Picture

    Pomeranian Picture

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