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  • The Toy Pomeranian

    The toy Pomeranian is a small dog which originates from a region between what is now known as Germany and Poland. It is still known as the dwarf spitz in some countries in Europe. This is an ancient breed and many skeletons of what may be the ancestors of Pomeranian dogs were discovered in some tombs in ancient Egypt.  Although the toy Pomeranian started out as bigger than what the breed is today, it is thanks largely to the English breeders who whittled away the bulk of the Pomeranian and developed it into the size that it is today. Despite the downsizing that the breed has undergone, it still retains its coat which is well suited for colder climates. Another characteristic it retains from its original structure is its coat which is appropriate for colder climates.


    Toy Pomeranian Physical Characteristics


    The breed is relatively small which is why it is categorized under the toy category. There are two very notable features that the toy Pomeranian has; these are its curly tail and its soft, fluffy fur. The toy Pomeranian puppies are usually born with straight or slightly curved tails which will eventually start to curl on its back at around two to three months of age. Those born with the slightly curled tail are usually those that develop the curled tail earlier than those born with straight tails. The hair on the dogs’ tails fan gracefully on their backs as the dog matures. The toy Pomeranian has a variety of coats which range from the very common orange to white, black, wolf, brown sable and white with some markings. 


    These dogs have very beautiful expressive almond shaped eyes which are in a well round head. The face of the toy Pomeranian is basically free from the longer fur which is abundant in almost any other part of its body. The dog’s ears are erect and the fur around it is longer than those on its face but shorter than the hair on its body. The lower part of its leg, almost to its feet, also have shorter hairs than on its body, almost similar to hairs on its ears and face.


    Temperament Of The Toy Pomeranian


    The toy Pomeranian is a highly intelligent dog that enjoys the company of its owner. This is very evident in the way that the dog follows its owner around or sits somewhere close to its owner.  There is little problem housebreaking the breed and they are quite easy to train. The toy Pomeranian can be quite exuberant which is why the breed needs to be trained well when it comes to barking when it gets excited. Their exuberance also means that they are better off on a leash than free when taken for walks outside. The breed relates well with children especially when they grew up together with them.


    In all, the toy Pomeranian is a positive and jolly little dog that can be easily trained and obeys quite easily simple commands. Despite the fact that it behaves well with children, children should not be left alone with any breed of dog especially children below the age of four or five years old. Adult supervision is necessary to ensure the safety of both dog and child.


    Health Of The Toy Pomeranian


    The toy Pomeranian may have a propensity towards hip or joint diseases but hip dysplasia is not common for this breed of dogs.  They are also prone to some congenital heart defects, eye problems, skin conditions, epilepsy and hypoglycemia.


    Eye problems are quite common for the breed and may even lead to severe blindness in some cases. Dry eye and problems with tear ducts are prevalent in the breed as well as other spitz breed. Staining in the area nearest the eye corners may also occur. Cataracts are also something that is a usual problem for most of the spitz family of dog breeds. The Japanese spitz and the great spitz are prone to this as well although many dog breeds have problems with cataracts.


    Skin conditions are also quite common for the toy Pomeranian breed. This may be due mainly to the fact that this dog breed has abundant hair which was supposedly for colder climates. Although the toy Pomeranian’s fur is not prone to tangles and matting, these may still occur when the dog frequently licks the fur. Cutting off heavily matted fur can be the solution for the most part while regular brushing and combing can help to prevent this.

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    Pomeranian Picture

    Pomeranian Picture

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