Types Of Pomeranian

The Pomeranian can come in all sorts of shapes and colors and classifications. Here are a few types of Pomeranian to consider.

In the world of dogs, Pomeranians are very popular. However, within this type of dog, ther are many different aspects that you can choose from, and quite a few things about a Pomeranian to consider when you are getting a dog. When it comes to Pomeranian, there are things that you should know, and there are different varieties that you should look for. Decide which ones are best for you before you go to get a Pomeranian dog.

Male Or Female

When picking out any type of dog, a good question to ask yourself first is  the sex of the dog and what is important to you. When it comes to getting a Pomeranian, one of the most important aspects would be to pick a male or a female dog. Because the dogs are so small, they are going to be much different if they are male or female. Look at the differences between the sexes. A male dog is going to be worse about marking in the house if they aren’t neutered, while a female dog might attracted other male dogs to your home if they aren’t spayed

If you don’t’ plan on breeding  your Pomeranian, you should get them spayed or neutered. If this is the case, then it doesn’t matter what you get, unless you happen to have other dogs. It is usually easier to get the dogs you have already to get along better with a female puppy than a male. No matter what, spay or neuter your new pet, unless you plan to become part of a responsible breeding program. This is always the best way to control the population of pets, and to make sure that you aren’t going to be having any unwanted puppies. It also helps the dogs to be less aggressive, and easier to train

Hair Lengths

Even though there doesn’t seem to be much difference when it comes to Pomeranian and their hair lengths, it can make a big difference to you and to your home. Most of these dogs are long haired, but within the long hair, there are differences.  Be sure that you have looked at the different lengths of hair as far as your Pomeranian choices go, know that getting a slightly longer haired Pomeranian means that he will be okay with less shelter outside, but will shed much more inside. These dogs are usually found as long haired, however, there are some short hair dogs that you can find.


There are also several colors of Pomeranian that you can choose form. The most common color is the brownish red color that is found on many Pomeranians. However, there are also black varieties. You should pick a color that you find pleasing, and one that you want to see in any offspring if you are planning on breeding your dog.

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